Providing Protection, Assistance & Shelter

The NCFRMI considers itself a protection, assistance and humanitarian body dedicated to ensuring that the right of its Persons of Concern is always upheld.

Aspects of Protection and Assistance
Protection and Assistance entail both legal protection (right to enter/remain, identity documents, freedom(s) as well as assistance (such as basic necessities, shelter, health, and empowerment for self-reliance, protection, tackling sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment] etc.). Protection should always be provided based on the principle of humanity, neutrality, and impartiality to, age, gender, and diversity mainstreaming.

Why Protection and Assistance
The need for international protection and assistance arises where such protection and assistance is lacking, either as a matter of law or as a result of any circumstance that threatens basic human rights. Such a situation classically comes about in relation to persecution, the threat to life and personal security, armed conflict, serious public disorder or other man-made disasters, natural or ecological disasters as well as insecurity due to statelessness. Frequently these are interlinked and forced displacement is usually the resulting factor.

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Our mission

We thrive to integrate the best solutions through effective utilization of data, research, and planning for the Return, Resettlement, Rehabilitation, and Re-integration of all persons of concern.

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