Migration Coordination

In Nigeria, there are several Government and Non-Governmental Institutions dealing with different aspects of Migration. The National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons (NCFRMI) serves as the coordinating body for all migration-related issues. Furthermore, The NCFRMI has the key responsibility for ensuring that all the different actors involved carry out their mandates within certain agreed standards and for the purpose of achieving the core objectives.

Standing Committee on Diaspora Matters (SCDM)
This thematic group focuses on issues relating to diaspora mobilization. The lead agency is Nigeria National Volunteer Services (NNVS). The Nigeria National Volunteer Services (NNVS) developed its own sectoral policy known as the draft Policy on Diaspora matters.

Working Group on Labour Migration
The Federal Ministry of Labour & Productivity (FML&P) provides the leads and also, necessary information crucial to the development of the Working Group on Labour Migration sectoral policy.

Working Group on Migration Data Management (WGMD)
The National Population Commission (NPopC) works hand-in-hand with the Working Group on Migration Data Management (WGMD) to ensure information and data are readily available. The main focus of the Working Group on Migration Data Management is the harmonization of migration data across all MDAs. WGMD has developed a Strategy Document upon which an MoU has been signed by the key institutions involved to share migration data.

Working Group on Return, Readmission & Reintegration (RRR) Support Programme
The Commission provides lead in the coordination of activities relating to Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) and it has also developed the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Strategy Document waiting to be validated by the Institutions directly involved.

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